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Ace Wonderland's Monthly Box Review

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Nicole's Box Review


Envisioned Aromas Subscription Box Review  November 2017

I got 2 cranberry scented polishes a red and a clear. This is a great scent for me I don't know if I would like anything other than a fruity smell on my nails. This scent is very subtle and enjoyable and I love this color its perfect for this time of year. It covers well with 2 coats and the clear leaves it very shiny it a nice formula.
I got 2 more fruity scents Blueberry so nice I love this blue both polishes are a creme type with no shimmer which I like as well. Again with the blue it covers very well with 2 coats and has a great shine with the added clear coat.
Also included were  nail polish wipes, a nail file, emery board, nail brush, toe separator and a tea light. There are all things that I use all the time when doing my fingers or toes so I was happy to receive them.
And last but not least we have a gold-tone jewelry set with a necklace earrings and a bracelet. This is a really pretty set with blue stones and It would make a great Christmas gift. I was so surprised to find this in my box how nice. 

Nicole's Notes:

Envisioned Aromas is a great subscription box. I have to admit when I first thought of scented nail polish I was a little confused but this company has a formula that works. The jewelry set was a great addition to the box too. I think this would make a great Christmas gift too.Thanks for reading my review.

Laura's Box Review

Sample Set Of Scented Polish 

Review  October 2017

I received a sample set of scented polishes made by Envisioned Aromas to test and review. My package included several different clear and color set polishes along with a range of nail accessories. I will admit when I was first aproached about doing a review for a scented polish company I was skeptable but after I received my package I was delightfully surprised by the amazing aromas these polishes truly contain. 

I was given 2 color polishes one a light green with a delicate aroma of cucumber melon, it came accompanied with a clear cucmber melon scented polish. The light green was a smooth color and after just two coats it was a vibrant color. Much to my surprise I learned while wearing this particular color my nail polish was also black light reactive. The color lasted on my nails for about 4 days before the tips began to slowlly start to show wear. The scent remained delightful for about 48 hours before I slowly noticed it was beggining to fade, but was quickly revamped with another coat of clear scented polish. 

The second color I received in my package was a dark purple with an added scent of mixed berries it was also accompanied by a matching clear coat. Again the color was very rich and went on smoothly, with only two coats my nails were a bold dark purple. Truly this was my favorite color. The mixed berry scent was very delightful as well with the same 48 scent offered with the cucumber melon polish. 

I was also given several clear coats with instructions to use these over my own nail or any standard polish offered on the market. The clear coats scents were Banana Nut, Pine, Peppermint and Apple Pie.  I will admit, my husband was so impressed with the scent of the banana nut it immediately became his new car vent freshener. It fills his truck with the delightful scent of fresh baked banana nut bread every time he enters his vehicle by simply polishing a few vents on his vehicle about twice a week. The other scents truly did work over any other polish I tried. Better results came when I washed my hands before I added the clear coat but either way the scent truly lasted and the normal smell associated with polish was quickly over scented by the delightful aromas of the Envisioned Aromas line. 

Final Notes: I would definitely recommend this polish to any of my friends and have even put in a few personal orders for my own family members this Christmas. The price was a little steep but the box sets I ordered for Christmas gifts are amazing and well worth the price.