Our Dream Is Now A Reality

Envisioned Aromas: nail polish for the next gen.

Envisioned Aromas has been named "the nail polish for the next generation" but truly it is so much more. Scented nail polishes designed to include the otherwise forgotten consumers, those with visual impairments and those who employment and religion otherwise ban the use of color cosmetics. Scents to match the color so those with visual issues can finally "see the scent" in an otherwise untapped way.  With the inclusion of clear scented top coats, religious organizations and medial professionals have found our polish co-insides with their regulations and have happily adorned their nails with our salon quality scented top coats.

Our Only Goal

Many companies start off with multiple goals, to become globally known or to build a billion dollar industry.... Envisioned Aromas has only one goal and we will not stop until we have achieved it..... We want EVERY PERSON TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL

How we will make the world feel beautiful

With over 25 different scent choices and the list growing daily, Envisioned Aromas is sure to have just the scent to match your style. Using our formula we have produced a long lasting scented polish with absolutely no lacquer smell, leaving you looking and smelling beautiful all day. The scents are long lasting as well, with normal wear staying scented up to three days from the original application. But we didn't just stop there, along with a large range of scented top coats, Envisioned Aromas will be releasing several other polish lines, including a full color line and glow-in-the-dark scented polishes, to ensure we can make a polish perfect for you.