What Makes Us So Unique

All natural oils leave your nails healthier with each use

Our polishes are made with 100% all natural essential oils that enhance your nails natural beauty and condition your nail bed with every use 

Glad You Asked

Envisioned Aromas polishes coats are made to professional salon quality. Our Invisible Aromas, the delightful clear coat can be added to any color polish to protect from wear but also add a wonderful scent, leaving you feeling beautiful all day.

Well it must fade fast

Nope. Envisioned Aromas scented polishes have a lingering scent that can last up to three days from the date of application. 

Did we mention

A Rainbow At Your Fingertips

Envisioned Aromas has a large scent list with new smells arriving monthly to ensure we always have a large variety to ship to our customers 

Breaking Barriers

Whats more beautiful than including a friend? We couldn't think of anything which is why we include braille on our labels to include those with visual impairments.

Safe for all ages

Our polishes are made with 100% natural oils and extracts. All other ingredients are non-toxic and safe to use on adults and children

Bringing color to a dark world..... That's beautiful, that's Envisioned Aromas